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How to Measure Floor Levels – if you suspect unlevel floors in your new home

Posted on: July 22, 2010

If you suspect you have unlevel floors in your new Persimmon Homes or Charles Church home, you can use various devices to check and measure the levels, height variation, rises and slopes.

Self levelling laser levels are cheap and work very well. Albeit, it does mean getting down on the floor and using line of sight. These can be relatively easily calibrated, by opening the device and adding small pieces of sticky tape onto the swinging pendulum to level it. If you take two measure ments, in both directions of the same points, you can work out the devices error, and then recalibrate to get within 1mm.

You can also use a spirit level, which should be minimum of 2m.

However the best device by far is a water level, sometimes known as a pro level, and sometime (wrongly) called a manometer water level. These are very quick, very accurate and importantly do not need line of sight to measure. Hence they are unobtrusive being able to measure in and around small spaces, without disturbing furniture etc. The best source in the UK is Akwamasta Water Level, from Bevan Products. For only £66 delivered this is an excellent product, which makes measuring your floor levels very quick and easy. Indeed it’s the same device you can find NHBC engineers using to measure unlevel floors in new homes from the Persimmon Group plc.

The Akwamasta Water Level Floor Measurement Device has a cm scale, which can read measurement to 1mm. It has a 1m staff, which you could cut down if you need to measure under low shelfs. However for most open floor areas it is fine as it is.


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I can vouch for Akwamasta, it’s a great tool for measuring flooring, including carpeted or tiled. The accuracy, ease of use and speed of measurement is ideal. Especially not needing line of site, you can quickly go round a furnished room taking floor level measurements, accurate to 1mm in a typical home. Useful with the increasing awareness of cases in new homes for floor issues (not just levels, but vibration and noise).

I’d been searching for a water level (which some call manometers, but this is not the correct term) for a while, and was lucky to see a colleague using one. I took the name of the device (only after I’d first tried to find a similar product using google).

Laser levels can work, but take much more time to measure a large number of rooms in a new home, and require more care to be accurate.

For those wanting to measure floor levels in a new home, I suggest the following measuring approaches, in this order.

1) First choice is a manometer water level, of which the Akwamaster Water Level is the best I found searching the internet, available in the UK for £66. A product from USA called Pro-Level Manometer was many times more expensive.

2) Second choice a laser level, self levelling with a ruler, such as the Black & Decker LZR6 Cross Line Auto Levelling Laser.

3) Last choice would be a 2m spirit level.

Measuring the levels of flooring in your new home, can be very easy with the right tool. It’s best to do it before purchase, and /or before carpets are fitted. If the floors are unlevel it can be very expensive and a very lengthy battle to get the issues resovled – think in terms of years.

new homes are actually cheaper in the long run compared to renting an old house or renovating a used home _

new homes these days are made of energy efficient insulations and most of them use environment friendly materials too ,,”

We bought the Akwamasta Water Level measuring device for measuring unlevel floors in our new home. Currently £65 plus postage, it made the job so easy. We used the floor plan from the sales brochure, photocopied and enlarged that, then just wrote the measurements on top. After much arguing, and persuasion, and many false excuses as to why we should accept how the floor was (from both builder and NHBC), a chartered engineer was finally sent to measure the floors and produce a proper official report. His measurements were virtually identical to ours, and guess what, he too had an Akwamasta Water Level device, albeit an older example. If you suspect unlevel floors, whilst a laser level may allow you to measure, a water level will let you do it much much quicker. See http://www.akwamasta.co.uk

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