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Our Commitment by Charles Church

Posted on: July 20, 2010

“From the moment you reserve your new Charles Church home, we pledge to take care of you every step of the way.” – taken from their website.

As an unfortunate victim of Charles Church, for over 4 years now, I can safefly say the above statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Charles Church customer service is appalling, and I doubt they could cause more inconvenience, anxiety or stress if they deliberately tried (although I already think much of it is deliberate on their part).

4 years to fix a leaking toilet – not that it’s fixed yet – surely they couldn’t do any worse. Well actually they could, last visit (yet another repeat) when they came in to assess the toilet they flooded the bathroom with a cistern full of water from the toilets flush resevoir. Nice one Charles Church, great to see that same attention to detail consistent throughout the design, construction and customer care stages.

How we wish we had never seen the house. When will the nightmare end?


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  • Bob: Perhaps the New Home Builders are enjoying the econmic climate a bit TOO MUCH :(
  • M. Farley: Walked around a new Charles Church Show Home last week, and found same issues discussed above, noisy bouncy floors. when will they fix this? From read
  • Debbie Brown: Neat idea! Can't beat something that makes cake easier to eat and carry.
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