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Yet professional opinion suggests not to use cross-bracing to solve bouncy floors. But then Charles Church won’t comment in an open and transparent manner whether they agree to fix the floor bounce, or just the noise (and if that’s the transmission noise, or cracking sounds noise), nor whether they are fixing the unlevel floors. Some residents are having trouble getting Charles Church to tell them what the fix is (in writing) let alone tell them what it will actually fix with the floors. If the work could take 8-12 weeks per home, then surely they would want to get it right, or are they still in denial about the floor issues they build into their homes, and have done since the late 1990’s.

Nor will Charles Church admit who has actually recommended a fix for a problem they have not personally investigated. It’s left to Charles Church workmen to turn up on sight and pronounce the ‘agreed fix’ is not actually appropriate – but this is after years of investigations. Do they get it so wrong by accident, or design? Charles Church won’t explain why the fix they claim will work, is different to the fix they have installed in the homes they claimed it worked in – was it to win the PR campaign amongst residents (with a more expensive fix), then roll out the cheaper one.

It appears nothing has changed for the better in the last 10 years, other that Charles Church getting better and getting away with it.


Because we fell for the slick marketing and impressive show home. But’s that wasn’t what we got.

It’s been the biggest mistake of our lives, the one which has most financially impacted us the most, the one which has caused the most concern to our health and safety. Many years after occupation and still the home is not fully habitable. The builder continues to delay. We would never buy a Charles Church home again.


  • Bob: Perhaps the New Home Builders are enjoying the econmic climate a bit TOO MUCH :(
  • M. Farley: Walked around a new Charles Church Show Home last week, and found same issues discussed above, noisy bouncy floors. when will they fix this? From read
  • Debbie Brown: Neat idea! Can't beat something that makes cake easier to eat and carry.