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Observations on the Standard of Workmanship – a forum post

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Interesting reading on the Charles Church and Persimmon Homes Owners Forum. The link takes you to posts of the workmanship from the perspective of new home owners.

Similar to us, they do not sound happy with the builder. The advice seems to be for owners to talk to each other and work together. One can take each area of concern, for example one can research and pursue an internal doors issue, another can research roofing issue, another heating problems. Whatever combinination of concerns you may have, by working together and being united one can expect a better result for all, and hopefully avoid an estate with ‘alternative’ fixes on each home, so a perspective buyer might have concerns for all, as they can’t tell which had a quicker fix and which had a satisfactory fix.

Most upsetting from the forum post, is the mention of a known fault being repeated. Our own experience shows this as something we have personally encountered, with predictable inconvenience and anxiety.


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  • Bob: Perhaps the New Home Builders are enjoying the econmic climate a bit TOO MUCH :(
  • M. Farley: Walked around a new Charles Church Show Home last week, and found same issues discussed above, noisy bouncy floors. when will they fix this? From read
  • Debbie Brown: Neat idea! Can't beat something that makes cake easier to eat and carry.
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