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Yet another Christmas comes in a Charles Church nightmare that is a Charles Church new home.

How many more Christmas Holiday in an unfixed home, with structural floor and safety issues, with leaks, and many many other faults, all yet to be resolved, over 3 years after moving in. Most newspaper stories we read describe a 5-7 year process for similar issues to be sorted out by Charles Church (part of Persimmon Group plc, that also trades as Persimmon Homes).


Check the upstairs flooring, for noisy squeaks, cracking sounds, unlevel floors, springiness, deflection, vibration etc. Other mis-spellings; squeakyness, noisey, bouncey.

Be particularly carefull of home fitted with JJI Joists, and pay extra attention to the above issues. These types of fault (according to NHBC and some of Charles Church own staff) are common issues.


  • Bob: Perhaps the New Home Builders are enjoying the econmic climate a bit TOO MUCH :(
  • M. Farley: Walked around a new Charles Church Show Home last week, and found same issues discussed above, noisy bouncy floors. when will they fix this? From read
  • Debbie Brown: Neat idea! Can't beat something that makes cake easier to eat and carry.