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JJI Joists, another great idea?

Posted on: November 25, 2009

JJI Joists and Persimmon Homes try more groundbreaking ideas at Persimmons Blyth Development.

But when the floor joist experiements, semi-engineered floor joists designed and installed to lowest specification (as close to Serviceability Index 1.0 as they can get) have failed, and the same problem with upstairs flooring continues with noisey, creaking, squeaking, unlevel floors.

It’s about time JJI, Persimmon and Charles Church put their hands up and admit the failures and fix the issues . . . rather than building more houses in the same way with the same faults . . . it’s crazy.


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  • None
  • Bob: Perhaps the New Home Builders are enjoying the econmic climate a bit TOO MUCH :(
  • M. Farley: Walked around a new Charles Church Show Home last week, and found same issues discussed above, noisy bouncy floors. when will they fix this? From read
  • Debbie Brown: Neat idea! Can't beat something that makes cake easier to eat and carry.
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