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When not being troubled by the builders, try to enjoy life.

Posted on: September 2, 2009

Great food is one of life’s most wonderfull pleasures which crossed efforts with other research we were doing into weddings. Some fine places to eat include; Rhodes 24, Gordon Ramsey Restaurant, Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley. For a recent party and a birthday anniversary cake for a special celebration, we had three favorite cake makers; The Little Venice Cake Company, Cakes by Sarah Louise, Peggy Porschen. All three do beautiful wedding cakes and birthday (special occasions) cakes, and choosing between them is very hard, we suggest a tasting at all three, if you have the time. And to finish with, the best treat in the world, a Cornish Pasty, and the best we’ve tried has always been from Warren’s Bakery. We’ve tried so many Cornish Pasties, but for 30+ years now, Warrens has always be head and shoulders above the rest – fabulous every time. We hope you enjoy some of our preferred things in life.


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Interesting selection of your favourite companies. We had gone to Peggy Porschen for a wedding cake tasting last year, and it was fabulous. Her Le Cordon Bleu training as a Patisserie Chef certainly stood out, and her commissions for the likes of Elton John were stunning. Her wedding cake showroom had many fabulous examples, some taken from her celebration and wedding cake books, and we particularly liked the sugar crafted roses. Wonderful.

I’d been watching Peggy Porschen on Wedding TV, and also Zoe Clark, both giving amazing insight in contemporary wedding cake designers. A girlfriend recently showed me Eric Lanyard’s new TV series on more mainstream television with a range of celebration cakes. I was excited to see Eric Lanlard’s Gourmet Cupcakes hit the mainstream on his show, but funnily remember Sarah Louise was doing a gourmet cupcake range many years ago. I wonder who first came up with the idea and baked a gourmet cupcake?

We had our wedding in Basingstoke (between Basingstoke and Winchester) and were delighted with the wedding cake supplied by Sarah Louise. Couldn’t recommend her more highly. She did a tasting for us in Winchester, and we loved all the flavours, including her amazing fruit cake (which we don’t normally like). Her design was exquisite, and featured inspiration from our venue, wedding dress designer and our chosen colours.

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