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Two more unhappy Persimmon Homes Customers

Posted on: August 28, 2009

This is one of the sites I’d previously visited on my travels (the last was near Cheddar) and I saw many worrying problems with the construction, quality and customer service. This young couple felt things were so bad they should complain to local media. Persimmon Homes needs to start raising standards, giving the customer a home that’s similar to show homes in standard, and which actually meets NHBC standards.


Andrew Golawski, managing director of Persimmon Homes South East, said: “We take reported problems seriously and have a dedicated customer care team in place to help rectify any defects that are our responsibility.”

From my experience perhaps he should have also added . . our customer service staff have a multitude of excuses that your unlikely to have ever imagined possible, all to justify why they haven’t, can’t, won’t, will not etc come and fix the problems one’s repeatedly reported over and over again to them . . . yep, they are great at delay and wasting customers time, experts you might say, the best in the business probably (I work for Persimmon Homes, so not sure I need to bother saying proabably, oh well),  it’s how we demonstrate our appreciation of the valued customer, they’ll give up eventually, heck most don’t even bother to complain as they know from the neighbours it’s gonna be pointless for them, they’ll only end up getting stressed and upset for no reason.


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