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An Early Post on the Persimmon Homes Blog, with WLW

Posted on: August 10, 2009

That’s Windows Live Writer to you. Hopefully this will work correctly, those before were done in the standard WordPress.com online forms.

Saved it as a local draft to, then quit out of WLW, reopened the software application, open the draft, finally then not before time posting.

Only thing I don’t like with WLW is it doesn’t let you store a complete blog site backup, so you can’t work completely off line . . . but then maybe that is expecting too much. Will have to have another look at Zoundry Raven again.

Any reader have other suggestions, I’d like to be able to work complete off line, including editing old posts etc.


2 Responses to "An Early Post on the Persimmon Homes Blog, with WLW"

That’s pretty cool, although the comments added were done on the web site itself, through the site comment form.

A comment from a general web browser – keep the site strong.

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