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A Celebration and Wedding Cakes Story

Posted on: August 7, 2009

Let’s talk about cake! Cup of Tea and some fabulous cake, from little celebration cakes to big wedding cakes, I just wanna talk about cake!

I recently ordered online (sent next day delivery) some gourmet cup cakes, Raspberry with White Chocolate Ganash and Lemon Meringue (with real pieces of meringue), they were amazing, streets ahead of the typical single sponge iced cup cake. These were works of art.

I originally found them from a friend’s recommendation, having been pointed to an amazing catering company (between Southampton and Winchester), their cake lady, a professional cake decorator of over 10 years, Sarah Louise (link on website), making fabulous wedding and celebration cakes for all occasions. But now Sarah is working for herself, having set up her own fabulous wedding cake company, making Wedding & Celebration Cakes, cupcakes, desserts and pudding pies.

Her resume on site, shows that Sarah Louise is a fully trained patisserie chef of over 12 years experience, and has worked at Park Lane Hilton, Chewten Glen and Tawny Hall, as well as spending 7 years at another specialist cake design company.


3 Responses to "A Celebration and Wedding Cakes Story"

Divine Cakes !!!

I just ordered a bespoke cake from Maisie Fantaisie in London for a Birthday Party. Had looked at your suggestion but alas was too far to travel. Looked in Fortnum & Mason at Peggy Porschen, but the prices were somewhat high. Maisie had the best of both worlds. I did phone Sarah, and it turns out she had even worked at Peggy Porschen before starting her own cake company, it’s a small world – lol.

We are getting married later this year at The Tithe Barn, Ditcham near Petersfield, Hampshire. Check out their website at http://www.tithe-barn.co.uk/.

As our wedding planner said, it’s one of those venues where you need to see it in action to appreciate how special it is. We had been to a friends wedding their in 2009. The outside area was lovely, and at night the barn was perfect, with underfloor heating. They have recommended caterers, and a list of other suppliers. We chose one for the wedding cake who’s not actually shown on the website list, but who was recently exhibiting for them on their open day at the barn, called Sarah Louise Cakes. I can see why they wanted her to exhibit, her cakes are amazing, standing out from the competition and other suggested suppliers. Her website did not do her justice, look at Maisie Fantasie and Peggy Porschen for a better idea. I’m sure, just like Zoe Clark, she will soon give her website a makeover. In the meantime her portfolio and samples were stunning, and much more representative of her work. Highly Recommended on taste and style.

We recently married in Southampton, and ordered a beautiful wedding cake from Sarah Louise Cakes. We would highly recommend her, not just for wedding cakes, but we’ve had a birthday celebration cake from her as well. Fingers crossed we will soon be ordering a christening cake to.

We would also like to say thank-you to the Hotel du Vin in Winchester for our wedding reception, we would highly recommend them.

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