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At leasts that was the opinion of LORD GLENNIE referring to Directors of Persimmon http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/opinions/2008CSOH140.html.

I can’t say my opinion of Directors from Persimmon, was any more favourable that that of Lord Glennie. And if he thought that within an official legal court, then what is the home owner going to expect the Directors of Persimmon to act like when investigating build defects and giving an honest and fair opinion to the home owner.


More shocking tales of how UK house builders treat the customer, http://www.myexperienceof.net/page2.htm, I can relate to the claims at the end of their web page.





Even the professionals can’t tell such faults exist in a property without one of two factors 1) ability to check the home during construction, prior to covering over of faults, 2) with time the hidden faults become apparent.

The biggest issue I found is Persimmon Homes and Charles Church with sub standard floor installations, which an estimate put at over £80k to fix properly, and every home I visited on the estate has the same issue, and every estate I’ve visited showed the same problems in any home with a 4m joist span, at 30,000 houses a year this is a massive financial problem.

What do you do when complaints to Persimmon Homes don’t result in the problems with your new home being fixed, you set up a web site like this one detailed at this link.

Only Persimmon doesn’t like customers complaining, so they try to stop you according to the web site link – fair or unfair ?

Another UK house bulder’s customer also set up a site to complain.

This is one of the sites I’d previously visited on my travels (the last was near Cheddar) and I saw many worrying problems with the construction, quality and customer service. This young couple felt things were so bad they should complain to local media. Persimmon Homes needs to start raising standards, giving the customer a home that’s similar to show homes in standard, and which actually meets NHBC standards.


Andrew Golawski, managing director of Persimmon Homes South East, said: “We take reported problems seriously and have a dedicated customer care team in place to help rectify any defects that are our responsibility.”

From my experience perhaps he should have also added . . our customer service staff have a multitude of excuses that your unlikely to have ever imagined possible, all to justify why they haven’t, can’t, won’t, will not etc come and fix the problems one’s repeatedly reported over and over again to them . . . yep, they are great at delay and wasting customers time, experts you might say, the best in the business probably (I work for Persimmon Homes, so not sure I need to bother saying proabably, oh well),  it’s how we demonstrate our appreciation of the valued customer, they’ll give up eventually, heck most don’t even bother to complain as they know from the neighbours it’s gonna be pointless for them, they’ll only end up getting stressed and upset for no reason.

With the death of a 4 year old boy in a Persimmon Home (part of Persimmon Group plc, also trades as Charles Church in the UK) the workmanship and quality issues associated with the brand are brought into the spot light yet again.

How long can the government, Office of Fair Trading, NHBC, Trading Standards, etc, allow the consumer to be disadvantaged when buying a new home? Buy a new toaster and you are protected by the sale of goods act and have a guarantee. But buy a new home in the UK from Persimmon Homes or Charles Church etc, and you only get a warranty and no protection from the Sale of Goods Act.

Sadly for this family it is too late to implement change, however the more those at the top delay the more chance another tragedy could occur.

Our house was (and still is, albeit to a slightly lesser degree) dangerous to occupy, with faults reported including; electrical sockets hanging off the wall, electrical faults in gas central heating system (they took about 8 months before they warned us of the dangerous faults contained in the system, and then another 8 months before they bothered to check it and fix it with a wiring change), trip hazzard floor boarding at the top of the stairs etc.

Thing that keeps me puzzled is the joist and floor problems I find in customer homes from Persimmon Homes or Charles Church, I don’t find in the show homes, yet the show homes have (in my mind) an excess of foot traffic, so one would expect them to show the worst floor issues. However it’s the cutomers homes in which I found the creaky floors, the springy floors with deflection, the unlevel floors, all faults that can be very costly to repair if associated to the original floor joist design and/or installation (as ours appears to be).

So Barrett aside, take the Persimmon Homes or Charles Church Show Home’s presentation, build quality and workmanship with a pinch of salt.

Although one found similar for Charles Church (part of Persimmon Group plc, also trade as Persimmon Homes in UK housing market) as one feels they to use Show Homes (executive homes, NHBC Site Manager Award) to give potential customer one impression of the workmanship and quality of a new build, however we found that quality very different to the actual ‘quality’ of the final home they wanted us to move into.


  • Bob: Perhaps the New Home Builders are enjoying the econmic climate a bit TOO MUCH :(
  • M. Farley: Walked around a new Charles Church Show Home last week, and found same issues discussed above, noisy bouncy floors. when will they fix this? From read
  • Debbie Brown: Neat idea! Can't beat something that makes cake easier to eat and carry.